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Website development, from a new website to enhancing and upgrading your existing web page(s) Spin Web llc. has the solutions to accommodate the ever changing industry standard, our emphasis is on quality HTML Code. One of the most important aspects whether you are creating a new page or upgrading your existing website is web search engine visibility, especially on the top three Google, Yahoo and MSN. We use an array of tools to ensure * robot friendly code written for attaining top search engine ranking. We focus on clear, error free , fast loading web page design with intuitive navigation and layout enabling search engines looking to index your page and visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.

Initial website Development:
As your website develops, you will inevitably need to make changes and test its accuracy, completeness, and efficiency. WebPage-Design.us. provides a full set of tools to accomplish these necessary tasks.
Overall Graphics, Product images, Logos, Background images, Animations.

Search Engine * Robot Friendly (mouse over menu below) Animated Menus. Quite a few websites today use animated menus created with "what you see is what you get" programs. Some of these programs generate error ridden code which makes it difficult for googlebot and other search robots to see keywords, content and links in your page. This can greatly diminish your search engine ranking. Search robots such as googlebot and others are also referred to as web crawlers, web spiders, bots or worms are automated programs which search web pages and index keywords, description, content, and links on your website to provide up to date data for search engines. At WebPage-Design.us. we test, analyze, and edit your code to ensure error-free, robot friendly design. We then check the status of our changes with an Intuitive Tracker to see the new results on search engine ranking.

The Intuitive Website Tracker that we apply to all pages of your website is the key to Analyzing Performance for search engine ranking. With this tracker you get every advanced feature required to picture the visitors of your website. Conveniently arranged, numbers, percentages, stats, totals and averages. All the way up from simply counting your visitors to tracking the keywords and search engines they use to find you.

Intuitive Wecsite Tracker Analyzing Performance for search engine ranking

With our Macromedia Flash MX software we can provide movies, graphics, text, animation, and applications for new and existing websites. They consist primarily of vector graphics, but they can also contain imported video, bitmap graphics, and sounds. Flash movies can incorporate inter activity to permit input from viewers, and you can create nonlinear movies that can interact with other Web applications. WebPage-Design.us designers use Flash to create navigation controls, animated logos, streaming sound, and even complete, sensory-rich websites. Flash movies use compact vector graphics, so they download rapidly and scale to the viewer's screen size.

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You've probably watched and interacted with Flash movies on many websites. Millions of Web users have received the Flash Player with their computers, browsers, or system software; others have downloaded it from the Macromedia website. The Flash Player resides on the local computer, where it plays back movies in browsers or as stand-alone applications. Viewing a Flash movie on the Flash Player is similar to viewing a DVD on a DVD player- the Flash Player is the device used to display the movies you create in the Flash authoring application.

Macromedia Flash MX movie(right click on clip for menu)

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Meta Tag Analyzer, this tool helps you see how effectively your web page(s) are set up in regards to search engine guidelines. By analyzing your current meta tags, The Meta Tag Analyzer shows you the relevancy of your content to your meta tags and will help you optimize your web page for higher ranking in search engine results. Enter your websites web address here to analyze.

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Online Meta Tag Analyzer provide by SEOCentro.
The Meta Tag Analyzer shows you the relevancy of your content

Enhance Your Search Engine Visibility
If your website is not performing well on search engines you´ll need to apply some or all of the techniques outlined on this page. Think of a query that a visitor would use to find your website then enter it below and see if you show up. If your page is not in the top ten contact us to optimize your website.

HTML Validation for Error Free, Robot Friendly Code.- . Many websites suffer poor rankings due to errors in their code that search robots can't read.*Is your website robot friendly to googlebot and error free? Check your websites code, click here. Using an HTML validator helps ensure that documents are free of potential problems that can result in unexpected output when users view the bad documents with different browsers. It also helps ensure that documents will continue to be view able in the future as new browsers are released.

Check your websites and see if it's error free

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Additional code: We'll add code to your new or existing page(s) such as ALT image tags, accessibility options, product key words and key phrases essential for higher search ranking.

Meta Tag Elements, Enhancement of keywords, descriptions and titles. A must have for all pages on your website. Click here to analyze your website .

Content: Perhaps the most important part of the search ranking process is content. In order to be effective all pages should be content rich with key words and key phrases that are unique to each page on your website. This process requires monitoring, patience and persistence.

Site monitoring: After changes have been made to titles, keywords and content, the results must be monitored with an intuitive website tracker in order to assess their success rate and to determine if further changes need to be made. This could include changing the titles to match certain queries and adding or updating content. This process must be done on an ongoing basis to achieve the highest ranking results possible and to remain competitive.

Client list: Click here to view the clients results, optimized for Google, Yahoo and MSN

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